DLL - Digital Language Lab Software

Starting DLL gives the error message “Cannot find audio card!”

1. Make sure at least a sound card is available and appropriate driver is installed correctly.
2. The DirectX components have been installed correctly.

Clicking Record button does not record anything.

1. Make sure your sound card is AC'97 or Creative PCI Sound compatible or SUN-TECH Audio Box ST-AB 203.
2. The DirectX 9.0 or above has been installed.
3. Complete and verify the DLL system settings.
4. Make sure that appropriate recording source channel for the sound card is selected on both Teacher and Student side when Record button is clicked.
5. Confirm the correct and updated sound card driver is installed.
6. Make sure that your microphone is connected correctly.

No waveform is generated after opening a file or recording.

Make sure the default directory for temporary files, C:\Temp has sufficient free disk space and allowed the logged-in account to write file in it. You may change the default directory in the System Setting window or dll.ini.

Capture function fails to get external AV signal.

1. Make sure the capturing device is installed and updated driver has been used.
2. The capturing device includes a WDM driver.
3. The DirectX 9.0 or above has been installed.
4. The external AV source input and cabling has been well connected.
5. Check the DLL system settings

Cannot open a media file.

DLL supports the following file formats:
Audio file: wav, mp3, wma;
Video file: mpg, mpeg, dat, avi, wmv;
Project file: dlp

Cannot transfer files to students after switching from Teacher to Self-Learning mode.

Change "TransPackSize" value in dll.ini to "8"

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