XCLASS - Multimedia Classroom Management Software

Which operating systems do XCLASS support?

Operating System Support:
Windows 98 (second edition) / Windows ME
Windows NT (version 4.0 with service pack 6 or above)
Windows 2000 / Windows XP/ Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Operating System Not Support:
Linux / Unix

Does the XCLASS Teacher and Student program support running in cross platform operating systems?

Yes, it is possible. However, it does not guaranteed that the XCLASS program can be run properly under different operating system platform environment

Is the XCLASS program required to run with any network server e.g. Novell?

No. The XCLASS program is not required to run with any network server

Will XCLASS program affect your local network traffic and performance?

All the teacher and student computers are linking up in a LAN environment. When the teacher conducts a lesson in the classroom, a lot of video or audio teaching materials will be sent to students or students will return their class work from teacher. Therefore, it is highly recommended to separate the classroom from the local network, so that the huge volume of packets of data can be restricted within the classroom. By the way, the use of high quality and stabilized switch instead of hub is very important for the connection of teacher and student computers.

Based on our XCLASS system design, the data will not pass to the other network even when they are connected with the other local network. Therefore, the network performance would not be slowed down. According to our experience, XCLASS is a really proven system, and the entire local network performance remain highly efficient as before.

What kind of network protocol is supported in student and teacher computer for the XCLASS program?
Only TCP/IP Protocol is supported.
- Each student and teacher computer must have a unique IP address. Make sure that no two students and the teacher have the same IP address. Consult with the Network Administrator to verify that the IP addresses you intended to use will not interfere with other system components.
- Set the same subnet mask for all students and the teacher.
- Assignment of IP address to student and teacher computer is both supported with the static and dynamic (DHCP) methods.

What is the monitor setting requirement for the XCLASS Teacher and Student program?

The XCLASS Teacher program can support with single or dual monitor. The required monitor resolutions and colour settings of teacher computer are 1024x768 pixels with 16-bit true colour (recommended) or 800x600 pixels with 16-bit true colour.

The XCLASS Student program is designed for single monitor only. The required monitor resolutions and colour settings of student computer are 1024x768 pixels with 16-bit true colour (recommended) or 800x600 pixels with 16-bit true colour.

The same monitor resolutions and colour settings must be applied to both teacher and student computers for the XCLASS to function properly.

What is the security and license control for the XCLASS?

We are using a hardware key for the XCLASS license control that should be attached to the teacher computer's parallel port or USB port when XCLASS Teacher program starts running.

For the XCLASS Demo Version, we don’t need to have any hardware key. However, only a maximum of 4 students will be allowed to use.

How can I fine tune the sound level and adjust the sound card settings for the XCLASS audio functions?

For properly running the XCLASS audio functions, it is highly recommended to use AC'97 sound chip or Sound Blaster® compatible full duplex sound card and good quality microphones, headsets or speakers for both teacher and students.

It is noted that it is very important to adjust the sound card volume settings for both teacher and student computers.

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