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We are halfway through the year of 2015. When we look back the first half of the year, we have accomplished several developments and enhancements targets that benefit our company’s business in the long run such as the release of XCLASS Multi-platform and upgrading our software to be ready for Windows 10. Moreover, the compliment on our software from a research paper and the new opportunity generated from the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure in schools have motivated us to strive for developing better products and solutions.

The XCLASS Multi-platform edition is now available to support the Bring Your Own Device initiative. With our software, teachers can easily manage, control, and interact with students no matter what types (Android, iOS, Windows) of tablet devices they are using in the classroom. So, please take your action and contact us for more details:

We are pleased and encouraged to receive a recent published research paper written by Dr. Elsadig Mohamed Khalifa Gawi regarding the effectiveness of using our digital language solution (XCLASS & DLL) for teaching listening and speaking skills in universities. The research was conducted with a sampling size of a group of around 20 students (pilot group) and another group of 20 students (control group) throughout the duration of one semester. The results of the research have shown that XCLASS & DLL can substantially enhance students’ language learning performance. For details of this paper, please visit here:

The latest version of the Windows series - Windows 10 will be officially released on 29th July, 2015 according to Microsoft. And the great news is that the existing users from both Windows 7 and 8 will be eligible for a free upgrade. Some customers might worry to run into compatibility bumps if they upgrade to Windows 10 right away. But here is to assure you that our R&D team has been working on the beta version of Windows 10 continuously. We ensure that any compatibility problems will get ironed out at the soonest possible time.

Knowing that e-Learning has become a key element for effective teaching and learning nowadays, governments from developed countries/cities have started to put in more financial supports to enhance both wired and wireless infrastructure in schools. The education bureau has recently confirmed to implement the enhancement of Wi-Fi infrastructure starting from the coming school year for nearly 900 schools. And with the enhancement of the wireless environment, there are various e-learning solutions that can be fully implemented in these schools, especially the mobile version of classroom management and language lab software that enables teachers to effectively manage and interact with students who use different tablet devices in class. The more widespread use of Wi-Fi in education is no doubt the new trend worldwide and we believe this will assist and expedite the process of using more and more mobile computing devices and learning solutions in education.

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