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Since tablet is getting popular in recent years, there is no doubt that it has changed our living lifestyle. For example, it can be your entertaining travel companion, best work partner, closest personal secretary, or more. Indeed, not only has tablet improved our standard of living during leisure time and work efficiency, it has also created a huge impact on education. Nowadays, schools and Universities are starting replacing traditional PCs with tablets because of the advantages of lower cost, higher flexibility and mobility, and most importantly, the ability to arouse students’ interests towards learning.

Based on the success of XCLASS EVO, SUN-TECH has developed XCLASS EVO Tablet which supports Windows 8 tablets to fulfill the ever changing needs. By combining the unique features of XCLASS EVO Tablet and tablet mobility, students can gain different advantages through deeper engagement, quicker access to teaching materials and greater flexibility during lectures. Our first phase is to launch the tablet version on the Windows 8 platform as we found that most teachers prefer to use their existing teaching materials on tablets. Windows 8 tablet will ensure that there is no need to go through the pain of file conversion. The next phase will be an Android version with its rising popularity. We expect that it will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

In addition, SUN-TECH is expanding our range of services and solutions in the corporate sector with a view to optimizing organizational performance. We are pleased to introduce our Information Display System (IDS) to you. IDS is the state-of-the-art multimedia information display system that is exclusively used for electronic information display and program content management within a networked environment. By adopting it, specific messages can be presented to audiences at a specific place with ease. The system has been widely applied in places such as office buildings, exhibition halls, hotels, government buildings, stadiums, subways, theaters, airports, etc. For any about IDS, please feel free to contact us at for more information.

Apart from devoting in providing advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions for the education, corporate as well as government sectors, SUN-TECH also stresses the importance of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, being a long-time advocate of environmental protection, we are proud to be one of the green partners in Hong Kong to sponsor the No Air-Con Night 2013. Through this event, we sincerely hope that everyone will love and care the earth more and try to contribute more on environmental protection in daily lives.

Moreover, we have established SUN-TECH Media Limited to provide advertising services on automated machine for local market. We believe that the continuous development and reformation of our group will help us grab different business opportunities in this dynamic world.

Last but not least, with the success gained from Worlddidac Basel 2012 in Switzerland in October last year, we are honored to inform you that SUN-TECH is going to participate in another great educational technology exhibition very soon. In January 2014, we will be in BETT Show 2014 in London and we truly hope that we could meet you there.

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