About Us

Development & Milestone

Sun-Tech was founded with the launching of the first generation of XCLASS - Classroom Management Software in 1997. In the next year, we laid the strategic foundations for our future growth by successfully winning a local “Cyber Campus” project for over 450 schools in Hong Kong. This success has provided us with a strong financial foundation and confidence for our continuous development.

Another burst of growth for our company came from the burgeoning demand of language laboratory software during the late 90s. Hence, we launched the first generation of DLL - Digital Language Laboratory software in 1999. With the synergy of these two solutions, we are proud to earn 70% of market share continuously in the multimedia classroom management and language laboratory market in Hong Kong. And they remain to be our core business until now.

Ever since then, we have developed, manufactured and brought in all kinds of other ICT solutions to cater to the emerging needs in schools and have gradually extended our success to other countries. As of today, we have become one of the leading suppliers of ICT solutions around the world, our solutions have been widely distributed in more than 80 countries.

In recent years, we also took steps to enhance our competitive position in the world's ICT industry by developing various mobile solutions.

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