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What is XPRESS?

XPRESS is an Audience Response System that enhances and promotes real-time interaction between the instructor and audiences. With the Radio Frequency (RF) technology, it also helps the instructor receive instant feedback from the audiences.

All you need to set up with XPRESS is a computer equipped with PowerPoint software; and the plug and play capability allows you to bring the system wherever you go. Not only can questions be efficiently converted or created, it also supports auto marking and instant reports generation. Hence, with the functions of real-time result and automatic graphical report generation, XPRESS is definitely your ideal system for training, performance assessment and statistical analysis during lectures, conference, presentations, and more.


  • Quiz & Test
  • Buzz-In
  • Student Examination
  • Voting & Survey
  • Corporate Training
  • Marketing Events
  • Games & Contests
XPRESS - Audience Response System


  • Advanced RF Technology & Hardware Design

    • You can obtain instant feedback from as many as 999 audiences at the same time
    • It allows you to interactive with audience anywhere in the classroom/conference room
    • The RF technology ensures your presentations to be smooth and stable
    • It is environmental friendly and it saves your wallet by automatically entering to sleep mode when it is not in use
    • You can carry the system and have related events wherever you go
    • It saves your time for installation because it is plug-and-play
XPRESS - Audience Response System
  • Quiz & Survey
      You are free to choose any question format for your quiz:
    • Single selection
    • Numeric selection
    • Multiple selections
    • Buzz-in
    • Yes/No
    • True/False
    • Rating scale
    • Elimination
      Your quiz preparation process can be facilitated via “Paper Convertor” and “Paper Import”:
    • It can support up to 100 questions for each exam/quiz to access students’ learning progress
    • The receiver saves your time by automatically collecting and marking all the answers
    • Real-time result display – Results can be generated in no time
      You can survey and collect instant feedback with the questions from any source such as:
    • Notepad
    • Word
    • Website
    • Printed paper
      Survey mode supports several question formats including:
    • Single selection
    • Numeric selection
    • Multiple selections
    • Buzz-in
      You can make the questions more appealing by customizing the style of the questions by modifying:
    • Colors
    • Fonts
    • Images
XPRESS - Audience Response System

XPRESS - Audience Response System
XPRESS - Audience Response System
  • Report & Summary
      You can review your audience’s feedback with various types of reports according to your criteria including:
    • Class information
    • Class quiz summary
    • Student quiz summary
    • Question sheet
    • Attendance summary
    • Group Quiz summary
      It allows you to export the reports to different file formats such as:
    • MS Excel
    • PDF
    • MS Word
XPRESS - Audience Response System
  • Grouping
      You can divide your audiences into different groups:
    • Random selection
    • Keypad IDs (By Sequence)
    • Customization
      Instant reports can be generated for you to analysis the performance of each group
XPRESS - Audience Response System
  • Attendance
      It allows you to take attendance - No more shouting names aloud anymore.

    System Requirement

    Recommended Operating System Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8 (32bit & 64bit)
    Applications Microsoft Office 2003 / 2007/ 2010 / 2013 (32 bit)
    CPU Intel Pentium IV 2.4GHz or higher processor
    RAM A minimum of 1024 MB RAM
    Display Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
    Harddisk At least 200 MB of hard drive space for software

    Product Comparision

      XPRESS - Audience Response System


    Teachers would be able to help students to prepare for the state regent exams in global and U.S. history required for graduation in New York State. They would be able to test students and take a look on the topics that need more emphasis.

    Assistant to the President | Peru

    In different classes, especially in larger classes, active student-teacher interaction is also limited by the “intimidation factor”. That is, no student wants to share a wrong answer or private comment with their peers and friends.

    Biology Teacher | Canada

    The Audience Response System is certainly a digital tool which strengthens our program and complement the goals of our instruction which I refer to as 3E=Engaging Educational Experiences.

    Project Director | USA

    With XPRESS, I can take this process as an entirely new level and energize my teaching and my students with fast paced games showing drama and excitement.

    Graphic Design Teacher | Malaysia

    By allowing students to have an active role in lessons and discussions, the will feel more involved and motivated to learn.

    Computer Teacher | USA

    Many other uses for XPRESS also exist. These include electronic survey of large groups during group instructional programs and meetings, such as community and public meetings.

    Director of Technology | Germany

    Using the remote response system, students can be accessed on their knowledge of specific materials and review materials in a new format. The ability to track responses, give assessments and review materials with a game-like approach, would promote interactive learning through the school.

    History Teacher | India

    We fully understand the value of quick feedback to gain better understanding of difficult subjects. This is why an ARS system is so important to us. With a student teacher ratio of nearly 36 to 1, keeping students fully engaged is a never ending battle.

    I.T. Department Head | China

    XPRESS could also be very beneficial in teacher training or gathering date for school improvement. So many times we never see the results of data compiled from these meetings. With XPRESS charts and answers would be immediate!

    Technology Coordinator | Colombia

    Reference Clients

    We are proud that our XPRESS has efficiently assisted the following organizations/corporations in their daily operations and communications:

    • AstraZeneca Hong Kong Limited
    • Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Health Department (Macau)
    • Hong Kong Police College
    • Hong Kong Science Museum
    • Hospital Authority
    • Morgan Stanley
    • The HK Institute of Education
    • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    • The Venetian (Macau)
    • University of Macau
    • Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre
    • Bayer HealthCare Limited
    • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
    • The Coca-Cola Export Corporation
    and more...

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