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What is XCLASS Multi-platform?

It is a mobile solution dedicated for multimedia classroom management in any classroom. It connects teachers with students in a mobile classroom when using tablets in a Wi-Fi environment. Unlike in the traditional LAN network environment, students are free to move around with their tablet (Windows, Andriod, iOS) devices in the classroom while the teachers can still perform interactive teaching and manage classroom behavious efficiently.



  • Multimedia Teaching and Learning
  • Tablet Management & Control
  • Mobile Digitalized Lab
  • Corporate Training


  • Monitor & Control
      Continuous Control
    • Students’ tablets are perpetually under teacher’s control as long as they are connected to the network. XCLASS will automatically run even after restart
    • Student Screen Monitor
    • Teacher can monitor students’ screens instantly to manage students’ behaviors
    • Remote Command
    • Teacher can send a remote command to start a particular website for students easily; it even can reboot, shut down, logoff, and login one or more students’ tablets remotely
    • Application Control
    • Teacher can monitor all the student apps (including background apps) instantly and immediately stop them from using any undesirable apps
    • Teacher can restrict the use of applications on students’ tablets by creating a white/black list to prevent them from using inappropriate apps
    • Voice Monitor
    • Teacher can hear a student’s talking with headphones
    • Keyboard Monitor
    • It allow teacher to monitor and avoid any chatting and unnecessary typing among students
    • Lock/Unlock/Black Screen
    • It helps teacher to draw students’ attention during teaching
    • Disable Web
    • Teacher can either completely or partially (allow/block list) disable students’ web browsing activities
    • Disable USB
    • It allows teacher to forbid improper use of USB storage (if any)
    • Remote Aid
    • You can control students’ tablets remotely to give instructions and guidance
  • Interaction & Communication
      Teacher Show & Student Show
    • Teacher’s or a selected student’s screen can be broadcasted to all other students’ tablets for sharing or presentation
    • Intercom & Text Messaging
    • Teacher and students can communicate simply through voice or text messages
    • Teacher Voicecast
    • Teacher can broadcast voice instructions to selected (group of) students
    • Student Voicecast
    • A selected student can make presentations to class by broadcasting his/her voice
    • Student Hand Raise
    • Students can ask for teacher’s assistance by raising their “virtual hand” with just a simple click and teacher can give voice or text response instantly
    • Whiteboard
    • Teacher can allow student to draw on their own whiteboard while monitoring at the same time. Teacher can collect the drawings afterwards for sharing or demonstration
    • File Transfer & Submission
    • Computer file(s) can be transferred between teacher & students
    • Lesson Recorder
    • You can record teacher PC’s screen activities during the lesson so that students can review the lesson afterwards even they have missed it
  • Get Instant Feedback
      Survey Mode
    • It provides an easy-to-use assessment method for teacher to raise questions or to collect instant responses from students with the help of a statistical report that can be exported
    • Short Question
    • Teacher can set up a simple short question easily to keep track of students’ learning progress. The answers can be gathered by teacher afterwards for evaluation
  • Prepare a Quiz Easily
      Question Editor
    • Allow teacher to make a quiz paper of MC or Short Questions
    • Quiz Management
    • Quiz paper can be distributed to selected (group of) students by a simple click
    • Auto Marking & Reporting
    • All MC questions can be auto-marked
    • Report can be generated automatically
  • Language Learning
      Digital Language Laboratory Mode
    • A pioneer feature designed for language learning
    • Students can play multimedia files and doing pronunciation practice by recording at the same time
    • Students can compare the master track with student track to rectify their pronunciations
    • Students’ recording files can be sent to teacher for further assessment

    System Requirement

    Teacher Computer Student Windows Tablet
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 32-Bit)/Vista/7/8.1/10
    (except Starter Edition & RT Edition)
    Computer Configuration 1.5GHz Dual Core processor or higher
    RAM 2GB or higher recommended 1GB or higher recommended
    Storage 1.5 GB of available space
    Display Resolution 1024 X 768 or higher
    Other Required Software .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 DirectX 9.0c or higher
    Student Android Tablet Student iPad
    Operating System Android 4.2 or higher for
    Digital Language Laboratory Feature
    Requires iPad with iOS 7.1 or higher
    Computer Configuration 1GHz Dual Core processor or higher
    RAM 1GB or higher recommended
    Storage 10MB of available space

    Product Comparision

    Major Features XCLASS Multiplatform
    XCLASS Multiplatform
    ( Windows Student )
    XCLASS Multiplatform
    ( Android Student )
    XCLASS Multiplatform
    ( iOS Student )
    Teacher Show
    Student Monitor *
    Remote Aid
    Student Show *
    Teacher Voicecast
    Voice Monitor
    Student Hand Raise
    Text Messaging
    Student Voicecast
    Add/Remove Group
    Interactive Whiteboard
    Remote start Homepage
    Disable Web
    Application Control
    File Transfer
    Allow File Submission
    Disable USB
    Survey Mode
    Short Question
    Keyboard Monitor
    Lesson Reocrder
    Lock Screen
    Black Screen
    Unlock Screen
    Remote Power Off *
    Restart *
    Remote Login

    Features available might be different in different OS platform, please contact our sales for further information
    * Rooted device required

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