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What is SUN-TECH Information Display System - IDS?

SUN-TECH IDS is an advanced multimedia information display system that can effectively integrate and manage various types of display terminals in a networked environment. The centralized management system can support real-time and multi-channel environment, you can deliver dynamic and instant information to your audiences easily.


  • Hotels – It can be used for displaying:

    • Guestroom Prices
    • World Clock
    • Exchange Rate
    • Conference Information
    • Hotel Propaganda
    • Tourist Traffic
Information Display System
  • Commercial Buildings and Shopping Malls – It can be used for displaying:

    • Disseminating Ads
    • Investment Promoting Information
    • Guidance for Shoppers
Information Display System
Information Display System
  • Hospitals – It can be used for displaying:

    • Diagnosis Availability Time
    • List of patients with Appointment
    • Hospitalizing Guidance
    • Section/Department Introduction
    • Other Hospitalization-Related Information
Information Display System
  • Office Buildings – It can be integrated with Office Automation System (OA) and Management Information System (MIS) to display:

    • Conference Arrangement
    • Internal Notice
  • Stadiums - It can be used for displaying:

    • Scores
    • Ticket Availability
    • Sponsor’s Ads
Information Display System
  • Exhibition Halls - It can provide a multimedia platform to display:

    • Images
    • Animations
    • Audios
    • Videos
    • Electronic Archives
Information Display System
Information Display System
  • Government – It can assist to release:

    • Government Policies
    • Measures for Citizens’ Convenience
    • Educational Videos
    • Information on Epidemic/Disaster Prevention
Information Display System
  • Banks and Securities Institutions – It can prompt information sharing and control/display important decisions in an unified way:

    • Exchange Rate
    • Interest Rate
    • Disseminating Ads
    • Preferential Activities
    • Business Handling


  • Hi-Tech and Stable System Structure

    • It has extremely low occupation rate of network and server by integrating the structure of C/S and B/S. And the data storage and management, as well as API interface, enable you to develop more business with third parties and enjoy mutual supplementation advantages
  • Data Transmission with Universal Standard

    • It adopts TCP/IP transmission protocol which enables you to deliver any data in LAN, WAN, wireless LAN and VPN
  • 360° Integration of Display Equipment

    • It provides you an information display platform that is based on:
      1. CRT Display
      2. LCD Screen
      3. LED Lattice Screen
      4. PDP Display Screen
      5. Projector
      6. DLP
      7. Touch Inquiry Machine
      8. Big-Screen Tiled Wall
      9. Integrated devices
  • Accurate Real-time Display

    • The system allows various types of playing styles in case of emergency such as:
      1. Grouped Play
      2. Individualized Play
      3. Cut-in of Words
      4. Images
      5. Dynamic Information
      6. Videos
  • Multiple Format Compatibility

      Formats IDS Support
      Image JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG
      File SWF, HTM, EXE, COM and PPT
      Dynamic Page Layout ASP, HTM, JSP, XML and PHP
      Video MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WAV and VOB
      Audio / Video Coding VCD 2.0, XVCD, DVD, SVCD, PCM and AC-3
      Standard-Fidelity & High-Fidelity 1080P
  • Reliable and Safe System Management

    • With the unique data encrypting and verifying technology as well as automatic statistics of logs and statements, you can enjoy:
      1. Safe System Operation
      2. Data Transmission
      3. Legal Play
      4. Information Safety

    • You can facilitate the prefabricated 180-day program list to play information without personnel’s supervision. It also enables you to monitor the states of play equipment and play programs in real-time

    • You can effectively manage all display terminal equipment including:
      1. IP Management
      2. Grouped Management of Display Terminal
      3. Power Supply Management
      4. Time Calibration Management
      5. Display Equipment Management

    • You not only can customize the switch-on/off rules of the display terminal for energy saving and equipment protection, you can also define, select, and transmit the content of programs so that you can save the transmission time and fully stylize network resources
  • User-Friendly Operation

    • The simple and convenient operation enables personnel to be fully competent in operating and managing the system after receiving simple training which in turn saves a great deal of human resources

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