BoardWiz - Interactive Whiteboard

What may cause the electronic whiteboard malfunction?

1. Check to see if the green light of the power adaptor is on. The controller is powered if the light is on.
2. Check that all lines, cables and ports are connected. For example, the serial ports of notebook computers have been configured as infrared ports or occupied by the Modem.
3. Check to see whether the control software is running properly.

Why some "calibration crosses" are invisible during calibration?

The projector may not be placed correctly, which causes part of the projected image spread out of the electronic whiteboard screen.

Why I can't write on the electronic whiteboard?

You can only write in the drawing mode; make sure the pen is as vertical to the board as possible.

How do I exit the program?

Click on the whiteboard icon on the tray to activate the popup menu. Then click the "Exit" menu item.

How long is the average battery life of the electronic pen?

It depends on the types of battery used. Regular usage of the pen lasts for about half a year.

Why Is the Projected Picture Like A Trapezoid? How do I correct the Trapezoid?

The projection may look like a trapezoid:
If the front is high and the rear is low;
or if the front is low and the rear is high.

For some projectors, the correction can be done by using the keystone button with the remote controller or by lifting the position of the projector.

What kinds of projector are compatible with BOARDWIZ?

You can use any kinds of projector that can project computer images on the whiteboard, ranging from high-resolution LCD projectors to relatively economical LCD projectors. Bear in mind the resolution of the projector must support the computer's resolution and it should have light power of 650ANSL.

What can I do if the Serial Ports have already been occupied?

Both laptop computers and desktop computers can be upgraded by adding extra serial ports. For a desktop computer. simply add a serial port card to an unused slot. For a laptop computer, install a PCMCIA serial port card.

Can a 25 – Pin Serial Port Tip Replace A 9– Pin Serial Port Tip?

You can use any 25- 9– pin serial port tips available at local computer stores.

When Is the Optimum Time to Make An Adjustment?

Generally, the whiteboard only requires an adjustment if it is permanently located at one place.
Adjustments are only required if the whiteboard and projector have been relocated/ repositioned to a different room.

How do I erase permanent/waterproof (oil-based) marker ink that has been written on the Whiteboard?

Apply alcohol to a wiping cloth and wipe the ink off the board gently. It is recommended to use water-soluble/ water-based marker pens to write.
NOTE: Do not use permanent, waterproof, oil-based marker pens to write on the whiteboard.

How do I clean the surface of the whiteboard?

Wipe the surface with a slightly dampened wiping cloth.

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