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After the success of launching XCLASS Tablet (iOS edition), we have started developing our XCLASS Tablet to support multi-platform. It is beyond doubt that the use of tablets for teaching and learning becomes popular in schools where tablets are provided to students. And as the tablet devices have become more affordable for students and there are various choices with different brands and OS platforms available in the market including Windows, Android, and iOS, we see a greater demand for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).

Our multi-platform solutions will be tailored to assist teachers to effectively manage and control class activities even when students bring their own tablet devices of different OS platform to school. It is estimated to be released in the market in the first quarter of 2015. And if you are interested in getting more details, please contact us directly:

We are quite excited as we will attend the BETT show from 21st to 24th Jan, 2015. During the show, we will be presenting some new developments of our XCLASS Tablet such as the Android features of application control, quiz, sound communication, digital language laboratory (DLL), and more. Also, we will be showcasing our latest iOS edition, and the beta version of our multi-platform edition. Besides, this is a great opportunity for us to obtain the latest information and trend in the ICT market through communicating with existing and potential customers so that we can develop solutions that fulfill their needs.

In 2014, we have run various marketing activities to further boost our business in the local and Asia Pacific market. And attending the Learning and Teaching Expo (LTE) in Hong Kong is one of the effective approaches to serve this purpose. It not only provides a platform for us to meet and expose our solutions to our potential customers from the target regions, but also the latest learning technologies could be shared. During the show, we teamed up with our sister company – Sun-Tech ICT Development Limited, which is specialized in providing network solutions, to provide a total solution (mobile solution for classroom management + networking) for the local market. And we are glad that we received tremendous response during the show.

Last but not least, the year of 2014 has passed without realizing it. And we have stepped into a new year which is the year of goat according to Chinese Zodiac. One of its signs is it represents creativity. So, we wish we will keep our creative and innovative minds available to develop new features to our existing ICT solutions. And we wish everyone will be prosperous and healthy in 2015!

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