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At the beginning of Year 2014, we have set many goals to maintain our competitiveness and fulfill new requirements of contemporary education because we know that our efforts do benefit teachers and students’ learning, which is always our primary objective.

As a continued mission of migrating our existing software solutions to the tablet platform, we are excited to share that we are close to launching DLL - Digital Language Lab feature and integrating it into our XCLASS Multi-platform. Now, students do not have to sit in front of notebooks or PCs to practice their pronunciations. Instead, with the mobility of tablet devices, language learning could be flexibly implemented with ease and student interests could be aroused. A trial version of XCLASS Tablet with DLL will be launched very soon, please stay tuned.

After a thorough study of customers’ feedbacks and market trend, we have developed several enhancements for XCLASS EVO which will definitely lead to better interactivity, control and monitoring which in turn - bringing better user experience.

1. Video Call
Effective communication is not just listening to someone’s voice. Instead, researchers have proved that non-verbal communications including facial expression and paralinguistic cues represent two-thirds of all communications. This new feature allows effective visual and verbal communication between teacher and students during lessons.

2. Survey Mode
This new function allows teacher to perform a survey with ease during lessons and the result can be exported for further use.

3. Allow File Submission
The File Transfer function has been optimized with improved user interface to suit for larger screen. Besides, students can either collect files from teacher or submit their files to teacher.

4. Student Monitor - Rotation Mode
In rotation mode, different students’ screens can be shown on the teacher PC automatically like a slide show in a fixed time interval, making it easier for teacher to monitor the whole class, especially with dual monitors.

SUN-TECH, as one of the most outstanding manufacturers of educational technology products in the World, was honored to be invited by the IT in Education Expo to showcase our latest multimedia classroom management solution for mobile classrooms - XCLASS Tablet (Android & Windows 8 Editions). Our latest solutions did draw the attention of the local media and an interview was done during the event. We do expect that more and more schools will be benefited by adopting our latest solutions in the near future.

Last but not least, we have noticed that many schools are considering upgrading the operating system to the latest Windows versions after the announcement made by Microsoft about the discontinuance of providing official security updates and bug fixes for Windows XP starting from 8 Apr 2014. We are delighted to provide a SPECIAL OFFER till 31 July 2014 to the existing users of XCLASS PRO 9.3 (+ DLL 4.0) to upgrade their software to XCLASS PRO 10.1 (+ DLL 5.1) or XCLASS EVO (+ DLL 6.0), which supports Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Act NOW to enjoy our SPECIAL UPGRADE PROMOTION! For more information, please contact us at

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