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What is AUDIO BOX?

Audio Box ST-AB 203 which contains a built-in USB sound card is designed to enhance sound quality for effective language learning with its side-tone generating function and noise reduction features.

Since computers in each lab may have different configurations, the sound quality of each computer may vary. Audio box ST-AB 203 could assist you to standardize the hardware specification for sound so that you could manage and control the sound quality of each computer easily.

Besides, by adopting Audio Box ST-AB 203, you could plug in headsets or USBs easily instead of reaching around at the back of PCs since you can put it wherever it is convenient to you.


Line In 3.5mm Stereo
Line Out 3.5mm Stereo
Microphone 3.5mm Stereo
Audio Output 3.5mm Stereo
USB for Device USB-B Socket (Compatible with USB 1.1/ 2.0)
Dimensions 123mm(W) × 68mm(D) × 27mm(H)
Weight 250g

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